Voice Stress Analysts

Truth or lie, we verify.

Incident Testing

Some may say that incidents of shrinkage, theft, fraud, corruption, bribery , to name but a few, are part of the society we live in … we say these things should not occur within your business. But if they do occur we can help you investigate these incidents and identify possible involvement and / or collusion by your employees with our lie detection technology.

Incident specific testing has its benefits in investigations as it assists with:

  • Identifying deceptive individuals
  • Eliminate innocent individuals from further investigation
  • Speeds up investigations
  • Verifying existing / known facts
  • Reduce large pools of suspects for further investigation
  • Obtaining full or partial confessions for criminal procedures
  • Identify possible syndicates at work, inside and outside your business
  • Identify suspicious areas

Testing can be conducted on your site for convenience.

Voice Stress testing and be used in criminal proceeding, if both parties agree to it being introduced as evidence. Furthermore, it can be used as supplementary evidence in hearings and the CCMA.