Voice Stress Analysts

Truth or lie, we verify.

Periodic Screening

Periodic testing utilising voice stress methodology, like pre-employment screening, is a pro-active measure as it serves to keep employees on their toes and is effective in ensuring compliance of all sorts.

It helps keep your company honest. If your employees know that they are going to be tested either at regular intervals or by random assignment they are less likely to commit or entertain the idea of engaging in negative behaviour.

Where such testing is specifically stated in a company’s policies as part of an anti-theft program, the idea may help to stop the temptation or the dishonest behaviour among employees. New employees should be told that lie detector tests are a real possibility, so if they chose to take the job, the use of the tests should not affect their moral.

Another benefit is that employees are less likely to be drawn into criminal syndicates or industrial espionage if they are subject to periodic screening.

Periodic screening is recommended for employees in key positions who access to accounts or sensitive information or required by the inherent nature of the job, such as:

  • Managerial staff
  • Departmental heads
  • Financial staff
  • R & D staff
  • Cleaning staff
  • Security staff
  • Domestic workers
  • Stock controllers
  • Warehouse managers
  • And more

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