Voice Stress Analysts

Truth or lie, we verify.

Pre-employment Screening

Our pre-employment screening services, (based on voice stress and deception techniques) enables you to proactively employ the right person in the job ... the first time ... saving you lengthy and expensive termination procedures.

SA Statistics show that ordinary employees are involved in 75% of corruption and fraud in companies and managers account for 25%.

My extensive experience in the recruitment industry highlighted the shortfalls in standard industry practice. Unfortunately these methods fall short in identifying deception in ones curriculum vitae, general honesty, integrity, criminal tendencies and more.

Our Voice Stress testing uncovers truths which normal screening methods cannot detect. These include undetected crimes of theft and fraud, drug and alcohol abuse,misuse of company resources, corruption, and possible syndicate affiliations, to name but a few. It's the skeletons in the closet that may be potentially dangerous to your business.

So, book your pre-employment screening with us now to bring down these alarming statistics in your business.