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Voice Stress Analysis / Detection vs. Polygraph

The Polygraph has become a household term as it has enjoyed wide exposure in film and TV in comparison to voice stress analysis. Media prefer using the “old” technology of Polygraphs as it uses an analogue format that is more visual with needle and ink printing / display.

Polygraph technology is over 80 years old and our experience is that most of the Industry is moving away from the Polygraph testing method to the digital Voice Stress Analysis method as it is more hygienic, less intimidating and more subject friendly.

See some of the factual difference between the two methods:



Measures the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

Measures the Central Nervous System (CNS)

Intrusive physiological attachments (painful at times)

No Attachments

Old science (80 years)

Modern science with space age technology.

Countermeasures Attempted

ONLY Countermeasure is Silence

Hostile Techniques

Non Hostile Techniques

30-60% “Inconclusive” Results (Examiner dependent) 

No “Inconclusive” Results

Drugs, Age & Health can skew results

Not affected by Alcohol, Drugs, Age or Health

“YES” & “NO” Answers required

Narrative answers acceptable

Must sit motionless

Unrestricted movement

Totally Analogue or with Computer to display Charts

Totally Digital (64 bit). Proprietary algorithms.