Voice Stress Analysts

Truth or lie, we verify.

What is Voice Stress Analysis / Detection?

Voice Stress Analysis or Voice Stress Detection is a procedure used for detection of deception (lie detection) or truth verification.

Voice Stress Analysis / Detection measures “micro-tremors” in your voice using non-invasive (no electrodes attached) voice polygraph technology to produce conclusive results in lie detection and truth verification.

Put simply, Voice Stress Analysis analyses “micro-tremors” in your voice. As one enters a state of stress the body moves into what is commonly known as the “Flight or Fight” mode. Blood flows away from your extremities toward the Central Nervous System (CNS) … this causes the muscles in your throat to tighten and the basic frequency of your voice lowers, away from the norm of 8 – 14 Hertz.

Actually, the voice is just the carrier of certain physiological reactions to psychological stimuli. The voice itself is not evaluated and any attempt to control the voice is a waste of energy. It simply does not work.

Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) records the psycho-physiological stress responses that are present in the human voice when a person suffers psychological stress in response to a stimulus (e.g., a question), and the consequences of the person's answer may be dire